The Objectives of the Populace Forum are as followed :

1)To initiate an open global Media Solidarity Forum of Populace of African Roots : a Forum which shall give rise to Conventions(Meetings) of Populace and the consequent formation  of  the Assembly of African Populace, the ultimate  goal of this Bureau

2) To take the message(the desire  and Call for African Unity) of African Ancestors, their succeeding Offspring(the first generation of African Descents) and the African Leaders(past/Present) to the home of every populace  of African Roots(the African and African Descents) and give same the  awareness and  understanding of what has been on board since centuries(the desire and pursuit of African Unity).

 3)To sample the opinions of the individual Populace of African Roots on the desired African Unity, ascertain and  evaluate  the State(Zeal, enthusiasm, preparedness,  readiness, support and willingness) of the average Populace.

4) To  enlighten and sensitize  the Populace of African Roots  on the need for African Unity.

5)To create  a sense of belonging in the average Populace of African Roots that they are but a part and parcel of the race  to take this great Continent(Africa) to the desired glorious destiny.

6)To create a sense of duty and commitment in the average populace of African Roots  so as to always give their Support  and Contributions(Opinions,Prayers,Time(Physica Presence),Possessions ,etc ) to every Move  or  Effort made towards the realization of African Unity.

7)To ignite  the African Patriotism in the individual/average Populace of African Roots .

8)To prepare the populace of African Roots for the very first Populace Convention on African Unity.

 9)To initiate  and print  the Populace Solidarity Membership Cards and issue same to the Concerned but Committed Populace.

10) To document the names ,details ,opinions and level of preparedness of the concerned  and committed  Populace of African Roots  who have given their Solidarity to the desire, pursuit and realization of African Unity and make a presentation  of Same to African Leaders for necessary  actions towards  the constitution  of  the Assembly of African Union Populace whose roles are indispensible in the realization of African Unity and the manifestation of Same when realized.
The Aim of this Populace Forum  judging from the Objectives as enumerated, is to  document  the names  and details  of Populace  of African Roots  who are concerned with  the Unity of Africa  in respective of sex, nationality and resident nation, give same awareness  on the desire and pursuit of African Unity, the Understanding of the need for the Unity, sensitize  and mobilize Same towards forming  one unified Populace  Solidarity Front---a Front which shall serve as a Plat-Form on which to initiate and constitute the Assembly of African Union Populace(the very first Phase of the African Unity Vision realized by Deacon Benson .


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